Portion size

David Kinshuck


Calculating portion size for an active day

The Zimbabwe hand jive,  suggested by Dr K Mawji, illustrates how to measure the amount of food 'imaginatively', in a reasonably accurate manner, without scales etc. These are the values for an energetic day in Zimbabwe; we will need smaller portions in the UK.

'Eating fast and until full trebles the risk' of developing diabetes (BMJ 2008), as does eating until full.   Lets eat the Mediterranean way and dump the fast foods!

carbohydrate the size of 2 fistscarbohydrate...the size of 2 fists

protein the size of the palm of your hand

protein...the size of you palm, thickness of little finger

vegetables that fill 2 open hands

vegetables (not potatoes/carbohydrate) eg lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes

fat the size of your thumb

fat..the size of your thumb