Injection techniques, site & absorption 

David Kinshuck





Your nurse will have shown you where the suitable injections sites are, on the abdomen, arm, thigh, and buttock. Do try to change you injections sites. Some people say use the same site at the same time of the day, using other sites at other times, but see below. As exercise increases absorption, this may work out well. If you are busy walking at work, the arm may be best.

If you have a phobia and are afraid to injection certain sites, you need to ask your nurse for help and ideas.

Massage of the injection area, exercising muscles in the area of the injection site, and higher temperatures (beware of hot baths!) all increase the rate of absorption. Absorption is quickest in order abdomen>arm>thigh>buttock.

There is more variation in the absorption of the more longer acting insulins (NICE 2004 p85 a large file).


Suggested injection sites