Insulin dose simulations

David Kinshuck


These simulations are teaching tools and are not accurate. For instance, obviously a severe hypo will not lead to an instant recovery as it does in these simulations. Thanks to the 'Flash' community for lots of online help. Simulations written by David Kinshuck


Links to each simulation


model notes exe file
Simple Model below below
with exercise   below below
with exercise, snacks, and boluses below  
adjusting for different patients  below  
working out energy expenditure as well  below  
insulin pump       below  
insulin pump 2    below  
insulin pump 3     below  below 


Brief explanation of models

Simple model 



Exercise, snacks, and boluses model


Adjusting for different patients  


Working out energy expenditure as well 


Insulin pump

Insulin pump 2

Insulin pump 3

  1. Start
  2. dial in your own normal basal rate
  3. (top set of blue buttons) on a day you were well controlled
  4. then put in your basal rates, add your food, add exercise, and readjust your basal and bolus rates.
  5. see pump paragraphs above
  6. there are several 'example patients' at the bottom.


How do they work