Laser database for professionals

Here is an Access 2000 database that ophthalmologists using laser can use to record their results, and may be compare them to others. I have written this myself...it is not secure enough for patients records, and certain things can drive you a little mad, and it is not professionally written.

You are very welcome to download and use it. If you use it and can improve it, and let me know how much better yours is, that would be great. I will try and place new version on the website as I change it..but I will try not to change any data tables. I may amend the form (the 'master' form), and add an extra data table if essential (but will try not to).

It will be very useful to download if you are writing your own...you can use the ideas. Of course, if you collect the same data we can compare results. Thanks to Kate Lindenbaum (Ophthalmology) and Janet Woodcock (Audit dept) both of Northampton NHS showing me a copy of their audit protocol...I have copied many of their ideas.

retinopathy laser database ...download, save then run.

To start  > forms >options form

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